A story can take many forms: a personal or historical account, a spark of the imagination, an attempt to explain the human condition or a way to bring us closer together. The best stories are usually all of these things and more rolled into one. They help to reveal the inner sanctum of our hopes, dreams and fears and through catharsis offer us a chance to better ourselves and our understanding of the world around us. Story is the sharing of experience and possibility. We humans are embedded in many stories, in fact the very nature of our existence is defined by stories that through language and symbolism help define our perspective of reality, relationships, culture, language, governments, and spirituality. The human story throughout the ages “his-story” is our collective memory of events that acts like a yardstick upon which to measure our present condition and our future trajectory as a species. Without story telling we would be lost in a sea of possibility with no anchor to keep us from capsizing. Just like human expression and it's seemingly infinite permutations of possibility, stories can be told in a multitude of ways from books, to photographs, films, plays, art, music, poetry and even architecture. We all have a story to share and we all have an unlimited number of them to enjoy, learn and develop from. I feel very fortunate to be alive in this amazing human story and to share in this multitude of human possibilities and experiences with the world.

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